How To Detoxify Your Body without Juices or Skipping Any Meals


On the special occasion of Thanksgiving day, You might have been served with a turkey or You cannot live without having snacks, cookies on your holidays, Then you are probably feeling a little in poor health; weak, fatigued or lazy due to all this holiday food.

You do not need to be worried at all!

There are plenty of steps that you may do in order to detox your body (before an upcoming Christmas dinner) and that will help you to feel healthy, active and more energetic as before. After all, You should be able to experience your holiday season without feeling rundown or bloated.

There are few approaches in order to detox your body without skipping any meals or consuming any green beverages.

Avoid Having a Trigger Foods

Do you know what does trigger food means? Trigger foods are those meals that not only hurt your digestive system but also trigger your mood to eat more such foods that make you feel unhappy and uncomfortable. For example, eating sugery meals will make you need even more foods full of sugary ingredients.

You don’t need to dispose or quit sugar, caffeine, and other trigger foods at all. Just cut your intake so that you keep away from addiction and bloated stomach.

Trigger Food-Sugery Foods

Lessen Use of Chemical Products

Chemical products image

You should act on it without saying that are numerous kinds of chemical substances that you use in your daily life without having a thought that they are also hazarding to your body from inner and outer side. These household cleaners, plastic, polluted air, ready to eat food can have an adverse impact on your body as they contain the toxin.

By Adding Vitamin C in Your Diet

There are numerous benefits of adding a vitamin c in your daily diet. By taking a Vitamin C not only help you steer of cold, but it also helps to flush away toxin from your body. Vitamin C contains glutathione, a liver compound that absolutely drives toxin away.

Vitamin C is also available in packets that you can easily pour in water, mix it and drink it. You can also have vitamin C by eating fruit and vegetables such as citrus fruit or broccoli.

Vitamin C Foods and Vegetable Image

Always Have Three Meals in a day

Some people prefer to skipping a meal to detox their body but it is not the best approach. You might think to heal your body by avoiding food but it’s not going to solve the issue but it will make you even hungrier than before.

Alternatively, you should be having three meals a day for example breakfast, lunch and dinner and you should also determine that all your meals are well-rounded.

You should avoid overeating though as your body cannot metabolize food constantly. Always try to consume three meals a day and try to avoid snacks.

Breakfast image


By Drinking Tea

There are numerous health benefits of drinking tea. You can drink tea in any season, for example, summer and winter, daily one or two cups of tea will be fine tuning to your body. You can drink tea hot or ice tea. Tea contains antioxidants that can help your immune system to boost but will also dehydrate you. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee and it also prevents you from the risk of heart attack.

You should have two teas if you want to detox. You can have tea with less caffeine but do remember that caffeine in tea is softner than caffeine in coffee.




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